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Pretty Picks: My 5 Kitchen Crushes

You probably noticed that I’ve been redesigning my blog daily over the past week or so. It was time for a visual upgrade. I’m still playing around with it and am not 100% satisfied with the current look (and probably will never be), so bear with me through The Cheerful Times’ identity crisis! In the meantime, please enjoy the festive animated snowfall that has cutely granted my blog until early January.

It’s with my critical eye that I present to you my new series: Pretty Picks!

There’s something so calming, pleasing and fulfilling about looking at good design. It makes me want to be a better person. “Good design” of course is completely relative — that’s why there are so many different styles out there!

I want to catalog some of my favorites, from a variety of categories, into digestible little posts.

So today I’m kicking off the series with my 5 Kitchen Crushes!

1. Eat Your Greens

Pretty classic green kitchen
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I’ve been in love with this kitchen since I found this picture three years ago. I pick quaint and cottage-y over Continue reading “Pretty Picks: My 5 Kitchen Crushes”