Welcome to The Cheerful Times!

As a budding young mass communication, advertising, and public relations professional, I have had the benefits of keeping a blog continuously drilled into my head. While teachers, fellow students, and professionals alike screamed EVERYONE NEEDS A BLOG, in my mind I quietly responded with a meek noooo…

I didn’t wish to be lumped with stereotypical bloggers, those who believe they are the best thing that ever happened to the internet. That’s not who I am; I’m just a regular person who:

  • loves experimenting with new projects
  • is extremely enthusiastic about a bizarre collection of topics from puppy dogs to PowerPoint
  • has a silver lining prepared for most situations, and will make one up where one doesn’t exist
  • likes to share things as I learn them
  • loves writing more than most things and misses having a writing outlet of my own

Okay, fine.

I decided to create The Cheerful Times after taking the time to actually explore the world of blogging. Sure, on my expedition I came across some blogs that possibly held true to the common stereotype, but for the most part there was just an insanely large plethora of thought. Whether the bloggers were keeping a professional blog, personal blog, hobby blog, mommy blog, other niche blog or any combination thereof, I couldn’t stop reading. Each post was a window, offering a peek into countless people’s unique experiences with an assortment of topics that caught each of their eyes. How cool is that?

So now, everyone, I introduce you to my contribution to this online community: The Cheerful Times.

Welcome to The Cheerful Times

This blog is my new project/adventure. I’m actually pretty excited about it! If you head over to my “About the Author” page, you will see the types of things I’m likely to discuss, which includes my hobbies, pets, studies, and other topics I find important such as thriftiness and, of course, cheerfulness.

While this blog is a writing outlet for me, it’s also an open conversation. I would love nothing more than to hear what you think about the things I explore. So please, write a comment when you’re so inclined! Whether you have something to add, a different viewpoint, or just general feedback, I definitely want to hear it. Feel free to suggest topics and ask questions as well. I’m all ears 🙂

Thank you for checking out The Cheerful Times, I really appreciate it. If you like what you see so far, please follow! It will be fun for all, I promise.

Have a good night!

Leave your thoughts and comments!

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