Oh, hello

It’s been so long! Life happens, you know?

Specifically, this:

Walking back up the aisle after getting married | The Cheerful Times
The happy couple! (Photo by William West Photography)
Wedding portrait kiss in the garden | The Cheerful Times
Smooch! (Photo by William West Photography)

After eight years acting like an old married couple, we became newlyweds!

We also did this:

I suspect you’ll hear about and see much more from our honeymoon in beautiful Tuscany, Italy in future blog posts. For now, here’s a photo of an adorable cat bicyclist we saw in Lucca: Continue reading “Oh, hello”

Wishing You a Very Cheerful Holiday!

Happy holidays, everyone!

My sister Rochelle decided to start a pet photography side business! For Christmas, she offered to do a photo shoot with me, Malcolm and Abby. Well… mostly just Abby 😉

Rochelle recently shared her favorite shots with us. I can’t wait to see the others!

Without further ado, here we are with our favorite little reindeer: Continue reading “Wishing You a Very Cheerful Holiday!”

Saturday at the Bronx Zoo

Monkeys in the Bronx Zoo - New York City

To celebrate the beautiful Saturday weather, we went to the Bronx Zoo!

We had a great time. I love looking at all the different animals from around the world — I could stare at the exhibits all day. There were even little babies in both the gorilla and crane exhibits, as well as a few others.

I thought I’d share some pictures I took! Poke around through the gallery, and click to enlarge any of the photos for a better view!

Continue reading “Saturday at the Bronx Zoo”