Where in the World is Kelsey San Diego?

Summer is not summer. Well, at least it’s not the summer that I knew when I was a wee little Kelsey. Instead of gloriously laying around all day or running in circles with my playdates outside, I’ve been interning my butt off to prepare for post-graduation (one more year!).

That I say, of course, in the most endearing way possible. I love my internships. They’ve been super valuable and educational experiences, and have given me more affirmation that I’m on the right career path.

So, where in the world have I been? Ironically, I haven’t been blogging a lot recently because I’ve been blogging a lot recently.

During my internship this summer at The DSM Group, I’ve been learning a lot about all things advertising, marketing, public relations, and business. And what does a good little intern do when she learns? She writes! 🙂

I’ve been blogging for The DSM Group along with the rest of the team. My posts are the ones with my name and the following author’s image on the very bottom:

Renaissance Fair pictures from last summer strike again!

…but to save you some digging, here is a link that compiles all the blog posts I’ve written (including how to survive an internship) for the agency!

I really encourage you guys to take a look, not only to see what I’ve been up to all summer, but also to learn a little about advertising and marketing! Maybe you’ll pick up information you never thought you needed that will help your future endeavors. Either way, poke around and leave some comments too if you feel moved to do so. I’m incredibly grateful for any feedback I receive.

Learning a lot and knowing that I’m heading in an okay direction in life are things that make me happy.

I have a big post planned soon, so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful night,


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