5 Best Disney Princess Products on Etsy

Today’s Pretty Picks post is dedicated to two things I hold dear to my heart: Disney Princesses and Etsy.

I highlighted some of my favorite listings that feature unique items/gifts for the Disney Princess lover in your life (but especially me… *hint hint*).

Take a look at my favorites and share some of yours in the comments!

1. Disney Princess Aprons

I’ve been in love with these Disney Princess-inspired aprons since I stumbled across a photo of them awhile back on Pinterest.

As an adult Disney Princess lover, I often come across the issue that the cutest apparel only comes in size itty-bitty, which is totally unfair.

Luckily, Etsy artists like MySweetGeorgia have heard our prayers and made princess aprons in adult sizes too!

adult-sized Disney princess aprons - Etsy products
Thank you, MySweetGeorgia! I’m going to bake SO MANY cookies in that Rapunzel apron.

Looking for an apron for the bite-sized princess in your life? Here are some child options offered by Etsy seller SweetEllasDesigns!

Child-sized Disney princess apron - Etsy products
Check out SweetEllasDesigns to get your own!

2. Beauty and the Beast Art Print

Displaying art prints is a special and affordable way to showcase what you’re passionate about. There are tons of beautiful Disney Princess renderings in a variety of styles on Etsy, but one of my favorites is this Beauty and the Beast print from seller CharlieMabi.

Beauty and the Beast art print - Etsy product
Etsy seller CharlieMabi will print your design choice on paper or cloth to achieve your desired look. Just add your own frame (or not), and you’re good to go!

This seller does buy-2-get-1-free, so you can also deck out your home with Princess Ariel of The Little Mermaid or maybe even Winnie the Pooh!

3. Cross Stitch Disney Princess Necklaces

Please send help — I’m deeply in love with these Disney Princess cross stitch necklaces by SynapsetoSynapse. I’m about to buy them all… so if the link to the listing no longer works, now you know why.

Disney Princess cross stitch necklaces - Etsy product
Thank you, Etsy seller SynapsetoSynapse.
Disney Princess cross stitch necklace - Etsy product

How cute would it be to DisneyBound as your favorite princess and then top off the look with the corresponding necklace? Perfect.

4. Disney Princess Mug Cozy

If you know me, you know that I have a mug obsession. Etsy artist WalkingHorseCrafts has done something adorable to make every mug fit for royalty — mug cozies inspired by the Disney Princesses!

Disney princess Jasmine mug cozy - Etsy product
She has Jasmine
Disney princess Rapunzel mug cozy - Etsy product
Disney princess Anna mug cozy - Etsy product
Disney princess Snow White mug cozy - Etsy product
Snow White
Disney princess Belle mug cozy - Etsy product
Disney princess Elsa mug cozy - Etsy product
…And of course, Elsa.

The Etsy shop even has equally adorable Mickey and Minnie mug cozies!

5. Framed Felt Artwork – Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa

While these were most likely targeted towards a younger audience (as were the Disney Princesses in general, but who really cares), I became enamored with the charm of the framed felt artwork created by Etsy artist BettyOctopus.

Disney princesses framed felt artwork - Etsy product
I love how the princesses pop out of the frame, especially Rapunzel‘s hair.

I would love for her to expand her selection to include all of the princesses!

Now I want to hear what you think. What did I miss? Share your favorite Disney Princess Etsy listings in the comments!

4 thoughts on “5 Best Disney Princess Products on Etsy

  1. I’m glad there are people who love Disney as much as I do! Thank you for including my cross stitch necklaces. They are one of my favorite things to make 🙂


    1. Hooray, I’m glad you found this post to see how your art is appreciated! No, thank YOU for making them — I love my Rapunzel necklace (this actually reminds me that I forgot to leave you feedback on Etsy, which I’ll do tonight because I’m very satisfied). I’m happy to share the knowledge with my readers 🙂 Thank you for reaching out!


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