Oh, hello

It’s been so long! Life happens, you know?

Specifically, this:

Walking back up the aisle after getting married | The Cheerful Times
The happy couple! (Photo by William West Photography)
Wedding portrait kiss in the garden | The Cheerful Times
Smooch! (Photo by William West Photography)

After eight years acting like an old married couple, we became newlyweds!

We also did this:

I suspect you’ll hear about and see much more from our honeymoon in beautiful Tuscany, Italy in future blog posts. For now, here’s a photo of an adorable cat bicyclist we saw in Lucca:

Cat sitting on a bike in Lucca, Italy | The Cheerful Times
Vroom vroom, meow meow! (Please remember it’s been a few years since I captioned something for this blog, give me a break)

I’ve been wanting to come back to the blog for awhile now, but I wasn’t sure how. However, I realized that this is my own place to share my life, photography and creative projects with fun online people. And as queen of this blog, I say there’s no wrong way to come back!

Thank you all for staying with me. I appreciate you!

How do I sign off my posts, again?!


Leave your thoughts and comments!

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