Exciting Adventures in Boston are Here!

Things have been pretty busy over here.

How busy, you ask?

As busy as it can be when THIS happens while on vacation in beautiful Portland, Oregon over the summer!

engagement ring - Portland Japanese Garden
There’s a new bride-to-be in town!


I’m sure there will be more to come about our trip to Portland down the road!

In addition to our engagement, we also decided to embark on a brand new adventure in a brand new place. We’ve both lived in New Jersey for our whole lives (minus college), and it was time for a change. So, we packed up our belongings and puggle last weekend and headed up north to begin our next chapter in the Boston area!

Our new apartment is big, beautiful and filled with natural light. I can’t wait to get my crafty on and decorate… there’s nothing like making a space your own. And I need to pick a wall to display our photo frame collage, of course!

Here are some pictures of the new digs, before we moved in the furniture:

apartment entry way
Come on in!
hallway and living room
Take a peek in the living room!
home office and second bedroom
In love with my beautiful home office / second bedroom, which is a good thing since I’ll be in there every weekday! (Tips for working remotely are welcome!). This room will also be home to my sewing machine and other crafty endeavors.
Grab a bite to eat in the kitchen!
stained glass window
And here’s a corner of the main bedroom!

I love that original stained glass window. Here’s a closer look:


Our new neighborhood is pretty, too! You have some cute houses, New England.

Anyway, I’m sure you understand my absence from the blog with all of this excitement. As moving settles down, I’m hoping I’ll have more time to update — although that’s when wedding planning will kick into gear 😉

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall. That reminds me — I need to get some autumn-y decorations! Any recommendations?

And I would also love any tips from fellow Bostonians for things to do and explore 🙂

I’ll be back soon!


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