A Very Cheerful Stitch Fix Review


I recently signed up for Stitch Fix, one of those popular monthly box services, and decided that I would join the reviewing fun. So, welcome to The Cheerful Times’ Stitch Fix review!

What is Stitch Fix? For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Stitch Fix is a subscription service that delivers stylist-selected clothes to your doorstep. When you sign up, you fill out an incredibly detailed personal style preference profile so the stylists get a window into your relationship with clothing. Here you provide your sizes, rate ensembles on a scale of “hate it” to “love it,” fill out the body parts you’d prefer to flaunt/hide, and even give them a link to your fashion-filled Pinterest board to draw inspiration from (here’s mine!). If you’re searching for something specific, you can tell your stylist exactly what you need in the monthly notes section and she’ll try her best to deliver.

Your box is sent with five clothing and accessory items, you count down the days until it arrives, try them all on, decipher what you love and feel “eh” about, and send back the duds in a prepaid package envelope. Your monthly $20 styling fee goes towards the pieces you keep, which you’ll then be charged for after completing the checkout and detailed feedback survey online.

Blah, blah, now the fun part.

Hello in there!

When I signed up for my Stitch Fix, I noted to my stylist that I just graduated college and needed an upgrade to both my casual/comfy and professional wardrobe. I was happy to see that my stylist kept that in mind in her note back to me, even congratulating me on graduating (aww, thanks!).

Also in her note were pictures of my selected pieces integrated into various ensembles, illustrating how I could dress each up or down to suit my needs.

Let’s see the goods!

DISCLAIMER: Before I get into my selections, I need to warn you about something awful that affected the aesthetics of this post from here on out: my beloved point & shoot camera that I use to document my life adventures fell off my bed LENS FIRST onto the hardwood floor below. Normally my trusty digital sidekick shrugs it off like no big thing, like the countless times the dogs at the animal shelter excitedly knocked it out of my hands onto the concrete, but this was one lens tumble too many. RIP. So, I whipped out another of my cameras that I hadn’t touched in ages, and subsequently had completely forgotten how to use. It was late and I was tired, so we’re stuck with some yucky, blurry, poorly exposed, strangely colored, 0% natural light with a gross background, and all around DISGUSTING photos in some places. I’m sorry. It pains me more than it pains you to look at, trust me.

1. Porter Legging by Rune, $38

I made the executive decision to not have pictures of me modeling this particular Stitch Fix selection. You can see my big toe in the corner though!

First up out of the box was a pair of simple black leggings, which honestly disappointed me. Did they feel nice? Yes. Were they a little too long for my stump legs? Also yes. Maybe if I were in the market for a pair I would have kept them, but I’m pretty content with my own collection. I also bought all three of my comfiest black leggings for the price of this one pair… Thanks, Stitch Fix, but I’m good!

2. Fey Textured Knit Crew Neck Sweatshirt by Sweet Rain, $44

stitch-fix-review crew-neck-sweatshirt
Making goofy faces causes less pressure to look attractive when taking photos. Also, my flash-filled demon eyes match my shirt in this picture!

Next up was this comfy-looking burgundy crew neck that looked like a winner. However, as a frugal individual who consistently shops at discount stores, these prices were starting to make me sweat a little. Still, I know it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then! Before I put it on I was already envisioning many a fall day with me in this top and a mug of warmth in my hands. Unfortunately that daydream shattered when I put it on for real. While soft on the outside, this sweater was scratchy and stiff on the inside. Rude. Back to Stitch Fix it went.

3. Fargo Pleat Detail Spaghetti Strap Tank by Fun2Fun, $28

All three pictures show different shades of purple. I’m not sure if any of them are even accurate!

Third item was this purple/magenta-ish tank top. There are three little buttons up top to punctuate three little layers of fabric detail (can you tell I couldn’t remember the word “pleat” when I wrote this?). While cute, it didn’t really fit that well, especially not for my body type. This style of poofy top was my jam in middle school/early high school, so I appreciated the #throwback even though my style has evolved since then. So close. Back in the box it went.

4. Rawley French Terry Lace Trim Blazer by Tart, $128 (????)

Not amused by this price. The lace in the upper right corner is the detail from the blazer’s shoulders.

This pick made me so infuriated that I’m not even going into much detail about it. $128?!? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?! I selected “the cheaper the better” for literally every item of clothing in my style profile, AND wrote that I just graduated college. No. No no no no. And since I’ve been grading items on softness, it was soft but not like one hundred and twenty-eight dollars soft.

5. Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt by Pixley, $54

Hooray! It’s actually navy and white, not black and white, but it’s hard to tell.

By now you’re probably thinking that my first Stitch Fix was a total bust, but luckily it was not! As soon as I laid eyes on this adorable skirt in the bottom of my box, it was love at first sight. And eureka — it fit! As you can see, I also threw on a little work outfit with it just to make sure this fun skirt was style-able in real life. While $54 is not my cuppiest of teas, I was okay with stretching my budget a tad since it’s more for professional wear… and… polka dots. Into the closet with you!

While I was a little disappointed that I only kept one item this time around, my wallet gave me a high five. However, I put all of this feedback into the online form, which will allow next month’s stylist to do an even better job delivering pieces to me that are right up my alley. I also put in a new request, asking my stylist for a fitted striped t-shirt dress that I’ve been on the prowl for all summer, and also a fitted flannel if she’s looking for ideas (#autumn). Now that they know me even better, I’m expecting some great results in October!

So, should you try Stitch Fix?


  • Convenience. If you feel like you never have the time to shop, this is the bestest.
  • Experimentation. If you want to try different styles but aren’t sure where to start, this is could be good for ya.
  • Excitement. Birthdays and Christmases every month.
  • Flexibility. Actually doesn’t have to be every month. You can pick your intervals of receiving fixes (every two months, etc.), or even just do it as you need it, for special events or vacations or whatnot. I love that you can ask them to just send you dress options for an upcoming special occassion if you wanted to.


  • $$$. If you’re a cheap-o like me, this will be very difficult. Their idea of low prices is very different from mine. When a box comes, it’s excitement for new clothes and anxiety because WHAT IF YOU LIKE THEM ALL? Or even one of them. Also, if you don’t like any of the clothes in your box, Stitch Fix still keeps your $20 styling fee.
  • Patience. I’m not sure about this one because I’ve only had one box, but it may take a few boxes for them to figure out your style.

Overall, I’m enjoying this new adventure I’ve embarked on with Stitch Fix. Right now I’m signed up to get them monthly, but I think after I fill in my purged closet a little more with TJMaxx or otherwise, I’ll probably scale back to once every two months. I feel like the older I get, the faster time flies by!

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try or check them out, please use my referral link! Once you sign up, you can then ask your friends to use your very own referral link, and then we can all spread the love and enjoy an extra $25 off through referrals 🙂

Have you guys had any experience with Stitch Fix or other fun box subscriptions?

5 thoughts on “A Very Cheerful Stitch Fix Review

    1. Thank you! Yes, I was so surprised to see something that pricey (and that lackluster for the price) in my shipment. Nutso. This is indeed my first Stitch Fix review! Not sure if I’m going to keep them up (I already didn’t review October’s fix, whoops!) but it was fun 🙂


      1. Well if you do more, I’ll read them! I had a similar reaction on my first fix… A $78 cardigan that was the lightest material I’ve ever seen. What good is that??


      2. Aw, thanks! Yeah, seriously, the prices can be a little wack! And cardigans are supposed to keep you warm and snuggly, so that’s silly. I’m super frugal so I ended up changing my fixes to every other month because of the prices. So if I do indeed end up doing another review, it won’t be until the first week of December!


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