How To Be Happy: Forge a Feel-Good Playlist

No one can deny the powerful influence music has on the way you feel. One moment you can be on top of the world, and then Evanescence’s My Immortal comes on and you can forget about ever feeling happy again.

To avoid having such emotions sprung on you without warning, crafting playlists for specific moods and situations can be a very handy tool. Whether you’re trying to keep a feeling going strong or influence yourself into a productive mood change, creating collections of songs that embody your desired results can be the quickest and easiest way to success.

My sister rockin' out to being an only child 24ish years ago
My sister rockin’ out to being an only child 24ish years ago.

Since this is the How to Be Happy series, obviously it’s time to discuss making your very own happy playlist! My personal happy playlist makes me feel like I just received the greatest news over and over again, every time I listen to it. Each song is so catchy, so dance-y, and so filled with feel-good energy that I can’t help but boogie my way to cheerfulness.

So, how should you go about starting your own happy playlist? 

Remember: musical taste is something that’s very personal, and should not be influenced by others (I keep my Spotify activity on private for this very reason). This playlist is about what makes YOU happy, so who cares if people think it’s lame by their own lame standards. Does it make you smile and dance? Then it’s doing its job!

Your happy songs can come from anywhere; one might be your all-time favorite, while another could be an infectious tune you just happened to hear for the first time on a commercial yesterday. Some of my happy songs have strong ties to childhood memories, giving me a cheerful boost while evoking that inner nostalgic warmth we all love so much.

Here are six songs from my own happy playlist, aptly named Make Me Happy:

1.  Happy — The Rolling Stones. This one even has “happy” in the title, so you know it’s the real deal.

2.  Something That I Want — Grace Potter. Is this the ending credits song from Disney’s Tangled? Yes. Is it infectiously catchy to the point where I break out dancing whenever I hear it? Yes.

3.  Tonight’s The Kind Of Night — Noah and the Whale. “Because tonight’s the kind of niiiiight everything can changeeee!”

4.  The Wandering Kind — Josh Groban. Songs that make you happy don’t even need to have lyrics! When I listen to this one, I’m either passionately conducting an imaginary orchestra or choreographing an imaginary dance with invisible dancers and scenery. Or going on an imaginary adventure, obviously.

5.  Baby I — Ariana Grande. I wish I could pull off the fashion that Ariana rocks in this music video.

6. Dela — Johnny Craig & Savuka. This was the song that played when George and Ursula danced around the campfire together in George of the Jungle, which was my younger self’s favorite movie scene. While I haven’t seen George of the Jungle in ages, the happiness and memories never stop flowing back when this one starts playing.

My happy playlist is definitely my most eclectic song collection. But who cares? Whatever songs you choose, make them all about you. You can make a “socially acceptable” playlist later 😉

What’s on YOUR happy playlist? Share in the comments!

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